First Verdi approved for KWPN


First Verdi (Verdi x Fuego du Prelet) - 04 June 2013

After Ever Blue (by Zirocco Blue VDL) another KWPN approved stallion comes from the stables of Hoeve de Grient. On Saturday, June 1st First Verdi (by Verdi) was approved by the KWPN stallion selection comite based on the 70-day performance test in Ermelo.

Rinus Blom bought First Verdi (studbook name Ferdino) as a foal at the Foal Auction Dronten and after the first inspection of the KWPN Stallion Selection he sold him to Kees van den Oetelaar, Joop van Uytert and Paul Hendrix. Warmest congratulations to them, as well as for breeders Weenink and Waller Diemont from Neede!


First Verdi is a well-developed stallion with good jumper conformation and presence. The head is attractive. The poll has good length. The neck has good length and shape with more than sufficient muscling. The wither is more than sufficiently developed and has good length. The shoulder has more than sufficient placement and good length. The back has good length and muscling. The loins are well connected with good muscling. The croup is sloped and has more than sufficient length. There is good length from the point of the hip to the point of the buttock. The front leg is correct. The hind leg is correct. The legs are of good quality and circumference. The hooves are of good shape and quality.

First Verdi is a son of Verdi, who helped win the team silver medal in the 2012 Olympic Games. First Verdi's dam Votti Lottie is a ster PROK daughter of Fuego du Prelet (Jalisco B x Uriel). First Verdi's granddam Ielottie W (s.Voltaire), a preferent prestatie mare who produced offspring including the Grand Prix horse Richmond W (s.Burggraaf) and a 1.30m-level horse by Burggraaf, is also the granddam of the Grand Prix horse Wiesielottie W (s.Rash R).

First Verdi's great-granddam Elottie W is a ster preferent prestatie mare by G.Ramiro Z. She is very influential, as evidenced by offspring including the 1.40m-level jumper and KWPN stallion Amadeus (s.Guidam), the Grand Prix horse Jarno W (s.Notaris), international jumpers by Concorde and Nimmerdor, and 1.40m-level horses by Voltaire, Calvados, and Corland. Elottie W is also the granddam of the Olympic team gold medal winner Vindicat W (s.Guidam), formerly ridden by Peter Charles and currently excelling under Jessica Springsteen. This predicate-rich dam-line continues with Oklahoma, a ster preferent prestatie mare by Farn, followed by the keur preferent prestatie mare Zottie (Marco Polo x Sinaeda), a full sister of the KWPN stallion Irco Polo.

Inspection Report
First Verdi is an honest and reliable stallion with a slightly phlegmatic temperament. He is more than sufficiently willing to work with more than sufficient trainability and a somewhat tough mouth. The walk is clear and has sufficient to more than sufficient scope. The trot has sufficient to more than sufficient scope and power. The canter has more than sufficient carriage and good scope. The stallion moves with more than sufficient carriage and balance.

First Verdi jumps with more than sufficient to good reflexes, form, and body use. He appears sufficiently careful and shows abundant scope. First Verdi demonstrates more than sufficient to abundant talent as a jumper and gives his rider a more than sufficient feeling.

Stable Behavior
First Verdi is an honest and reliable stallion. He is easy on the ground and quiet in his stall.

Breeding Recommendation
First Verdi can contribute correctness and scope to jumper breeding.

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